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About introduction

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name: Julie Moffet
dob: 14 Sep 1987
sex: f
location: quebec/canada

musical interests: lots of things.. favorite styles: indie, rock, pop, folk, electronic. i like playing & listening to music

filmography: secret garden, lawrence of arabia, marie-antoinette

booking: the song of silver frond, harry potter, the initiation

list 3 songs of significant importance to you:
1. hurricane by something corporate.
2. hands clean by alanis morissette.love.
3. when you were young by the killers.

now explain the meanings of these songs:
1. its the first song i heard of the band, and short after, i started to compose my own songs.
2.the song that remembers me my first love.
3.because.. the music inspires me.

finally post 3 pictures of yourself:

Current Mood: curiouscurious
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